Matthew 11:28


Matthew 11


This promise starts with a compassionate invitation that he gives to all, not just a select few…but  we must accept the invitation, if we wish to see the promise fulfilled. Jesus is a Savior who fully understands our humanness. He understands what it is like to be weary. He understands what it is like to deal with the burdens and effects of sin we must face in this life.

God makes a way for us to handle our burdens. He offers to set us free from our heavy loads. He offers to set us free from the burden of sin and death. He doesn’t ask us to carry anything by ourselves. He doesn’t ask us to muddle through on our own strength. He doesn’t tell us to toughen up, man up, or prove to Him how strong we are. He tells  us lovingly and simply, to come to Him. He offers us true compassion and understanding of our strengths, weaknesses and failures. He offers to carry the heavy weights that we are too weak to carry on our own. He offers to replace our weakness with His own strength.  He offers us to step inside of His abilities, so we can find His peace and rest. No one can offer what He does.

Friends, don’t try to tough things out by yourself. Don’t give your burdens to the Lord and then take them back. Don’t think you have anything to prove… or that you have to earn His love or approval. He paid the price and He freely gives. He is standing waiting with outstretched arms to all who will accept His offer. Reach out and enter into His rest today.

©Daily Promises For The Broken Hearted by Debbie Kay




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