2 Cor 12:9



2 Corinthians 129


In this promise God is telling Paul, “I am the grace. I am all you need. I will give you what you need to face your trials and adversity.” As we learned in another promise of God, He doesn’t just give us strength, He becomes our strength. God is continually offering to give us more of Himself…He doesn’t just hear our prayer and say, “here is some grace, here is some strength” and then leave us to muddle through. He stays with us and is the answer to our needs.

God wants us to come to Him in our weakness…when we reach the end of ourselves…when we get to the place that we feel we can’t go on… or that we have nothing left…as a believer, we need not despair, or give up hope… our place of weakness, is where God’s power can become perfect in us.  The word, “perfect” that is used here means fulfilled, accomplished, completed, finished. Many Biblical scholars say it is a form of the same word Jesus spoke as His last word on the cross,  which means, “it is finished”. Christ’s presence in our lives equips us for all we face in life…the Bible tells us that the same power that raised Jesus from the dead, is  the same power that is inside of us. There is no greater power than that my friends! He is  our strength…He is our grace…He is our power…He alone is all we need…that should encourage us and fill you with hope that not only can we survive all that we face, but we can thrive in the midst of adversity, because He is with us, giving us more of Himself and His life changing and sustaining power.

©Daily Promises For The Broken Hearted by Debbie Kay





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