John 8:36

John 8


The word “indeed” here means, surely without a doubt. Whatever God does, He does well. When Christ died on the cross and rose again, He made a way for us to be set free from sin and death… but Christ offers to set us free from so much more.

He wants us to be set free from our past…from the judgments, opinions and harsh words of others…from self-doubt…from grief, despair and pain…from hopelessness…unforgiveness…fear, anxiety and worry… Christ died to set us free from every chain and form of bondage the enemy uses to hold us back and keep us from being all we can be in Christ. God does not want us to be enslaved, stuck or trapped by anyone or anything. Our freedom was bought with the precious blood of Jesus and we should embrace the freedom that Christ offers in every area of our lives.

If you are feeling stuck, trapped, discouraged, unable to overcome, or move forward in any area of your life…remember Christ has set the prisoners free, but it’s up to us to step out of our chains and walk forward in His freedom and light. If you don’t know how to move forward from the things that are holding you prisoner, seek God and ask Him for wisdom and guidance. Read His Word, remain steadfast in prayer, lean on Him and rely on Him. The Lord tells us we are more than conquerors. We can do all things through Him. The enemy is the one who would have you believe that things can never get better and there is no hope. Choose to believe and receive this promise …freedom is possible through Christ!

©Daily Promises For The Broken Hearted by Debbie Kay


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