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Psalm 30:5

Psalm 305


It is often at night that our pain is the most difficult to deal with. We are alone with our grief. There are fewer diversions to keep our mind occupied. At night our thoughts can be our own worst enemy as the darkness skews our perceptions of things.There are few people who do not know what it is like tofeel a sense of relief when they see the first rays of light breaking after a long, difficult night.

It is no coincidence that Jesus is called The Bright and Morning Star. It is no coincidence that we are told God’s mercies are new every morning. It is no coincidence that Jesus is known as the Light of the World and that He casts out the darkness.

Friends, you may feel as though your pain and weeping will never end, but feelings are not truth. God’s Word is The Truth and He tells us that He will turn our mourning to joy. There is a season for everything…there is a time to weep and mourn, but seasons change as surely as the night turns to day. God leads us through the dark valleys…through the dark nights of the soul…and He shines His light to cast out the darkness and to light our way. His joy is our strength. He promises to bind our wounds. We know it is darkest before the dawn, but the sun will rise again. The pain that you’ve been feeling, is just the dark before the morning and it can’t compare to the joy that is coming!

©Daily Promises For The Broken Hearted by Debbie Kay